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Due to Coronavirus, the club had no choice but to cancel our Summer Champs Weekend and the National Championships.


We are delighted to say that we are holding an Autumn Open on the 4th of October in Gloucestershire. Click on the button below to enter! 

Our amazing team that travelled to Estonia for the European Champs in June 2019

UK Sighthound Sport is a club for all pedigree sighthounds to compete in rounds of simulated coursing

against others of their breed. 


They will run courses set out to simulate a hare's potential path and run in pairs, wearing red or white jackets so they can be judged by two or three experienced lure coursing judges on how they perform in five categories:

Agility, Speed, Endurance, Follow and Enthusiasm.


When all the pairs have run, then the scores are tallied and the dogs all draw again for a second run.

The total combination of their first and second runs determines their postition in the class, and ultimately whether they receive a podium place or not.


Dependant on the number of entrants in each class, either one, two or three LCCs (Lure Coursing Certificates) can be up for the taking.

If your dog manages to win three LCCs at three seperate events under three seperate judges, and at least one is awarded for a first place, then they become a Lure Coursing Champion.

It is the club's aim to have this Champion Status recognised by the Kennel Club, and the committee are tirelessly working towards this.


If your hound performs well then they can also obtain a place to represent the United Kingdom at the European Lure Coursing Championships, held in different countries throughout Europe each year.

The UKSS competitiors have so far represented our country twice since the club was formed, and have travelled heroically with their dogs and we have managed to bring back medals to the UK on both occasions.

No mean feat with the number of competitors at these huge events.


The club continues to grow and work towards achieving our goals.

If you own a pedigree sighthound we would love to see you at a meeting, three of which we hold each year in different parts of the country.


Please email us at if you would like to talk to us about joining out club.

If you want to find out more about our passion and our mission, this is the right place for it. You will find everything you need to know about our sport, our aims and our progress here.

You will also find information on our events and everything you need to know to get involved.

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