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Sharon Dalgleish Has competed with whippets for over 30 years in racing under the Amigo affix and lure coursing with Harerunner and Shandril Whippets.

Phone: 01984 641862


Tracy Chamberlain (Alacrity) shows, races, lure courses and works her whippets with ferrets. She has been in the breed for going on seventeen years.


Phone: 07736 798815


Gill McLatchie Coppermow Whippets and Salukis

Michael Florek Whippet and lure coursing enthusiast. Lure Driver and part of the field team at UKSS 

Greg McLatchie (Coppermow) lure courses whippets, and is a lure driver and part of the field team

Philip Edgington

I'm new to lure coursing and I really enjoy seeing the beauty, grace and enthusiasm of sighthounds competing.

Gyula Gazst

Owner of Borzoi & Magyar Agar


Bernadett Nagy

Owner of Borzoi & Magyar Agar


Catriona Ryan

I have been a sighthound slave since 1962 and lure coursing whippets since 2011. I love to watch them doing what they were bred for and loving it!


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