Clearing up the misconceptions!

1.     Lure coursing is a safe and fun sport that is open to any owner of any kennel club registered sighthound.


2.     There is no obligation for anybody who wishes to compete at UK competitions to enter overseas competitions.


4.      There is no obligation for those wanting to compete at Sighthound Sport competitions to partake in conformation/beauty shows in the UK or overseas (though of course if any body chooses to they can do both!)


5.      There is no financial gain in lure coursing, it is a family friendly hobby!


6.      No live game is ever used in Sighthound Sports.


7.      Other lure coursing and race clubs will not be forced to alter their own rules and regulations unless they choose to register the club with the Kennel Club and hold Licensed competitions. 


8.      Talking of 'teams' may sound ambitious, some sighthound breeds are numerically small in the UK and some don't yet have large numbers of sporting competitors. However, if there are only a few dogs in the whole of the UK who want to lure course competitively they should have that choice.  With proper recognition and publicity of the sport, and more clubs running competitions across the UK more people might be inclined to join in. 


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