Sighthounds have been bred for and developed with one collective purpose: to use sight, speed and agility to catch prey. For centuries these skills have been tested in a sporting capacity through coursing and racing. In more modern times live game has been replaced with an artificial lure and the sport of Lure Coursing as we know it was born.

UK Sighthound Sport (UKSS) has been formed  with the vision of getting lure coursing recognised by the Kennel Club, and to facilitate the development of a standardised format with an acknowledged award and title structure that will be compliant with European regulations and allow British dogs to compete at top level FCI competitions.


It is important and this juncture to emphasise the distinct difference between sighthound sport, specifically Lure Coursing, and professional greyhound track racing. Lure Coursing is purely a hobby sport and open to all owners who wish to participate, there is no financial incentive and no betting involved. Above all, the health and welfare of the dogs is paramount and over-rides all other aspects.

1. To see Lure Coursing recognised by the Kennel Club alongside other canine activities.
2. To grow the sport among all sighthound breeds and see Club's holding licensed
competitions across the UK.
3. To have recognised and acknowledged Sighthound Sport titles and champions.
4. To enable British Sighthounds to compete at FCI European and World

1. Lure Coursing recognition
a. Many canine sports have achieved recognition with the Kennel Club, including
many more contemporary pursuits.
b. Much like Bloodhound Trials, Field Trials, and Working Gundog Trials,
Lure Coursing has been developed to test the particular abilities for which
sighthounds have been bred
c. There are already special classes for Lure Coursing and Racing Whippets and
Greyhounds at many KC licensed Open, Limited and Champion Shows. Wins
in these classes can already be used towards gaining the Junior Warrant title.
2. Growing the Sport
a. Recognition of the sports would encourage more people to participate and
promote 'Fit For Function – Fit For Life' sighthounds.
b. There are currently several Lure Coursing clubs across the UK,
both formal and informal. Many breed clubs also run Lure Coursing events.
Recognition of the sport could bring these clubs together and enable
competitors to compete more widely within a standardised format.
c. We would hope to see a variety of Club, Open, Limited and Champion level
competitions held through out the Sporting Season across the UK.
3. Sighthound Sport titles and champions
a. To have National Annual Championships with associated titles.
b. To have a structure in place to achieve the status of Champion.
4. British Sighthounds and the FCI
a. British sighthounds are currently able to compete at National level FCI Lure
Coursing once they have obtained the required licence card.
b. British dogs are already able to compete at FCI shows and Agility
Championships, however Sighthounds can't yet compete at FCI European

Lure Coursing Championships. With the recognition of the
sport and support from the KC we hope to enable British teams to participate.(UPDATE: In December 2017 both UK KC and FCI agreed to allow a British team to compete at ECC. The 1st team representing the UK went to Denmark June 2018.)


UKSS is welcoming members originating from existing lure coursing and racing clubs, plus those with little sporting experience but with backgrounds in all the breeds concerned. We see a future with multiple KC registered Lure Coursing clubs and societies from which UKSS and they will create a working party to take the activity forward.


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