Competition Guide

There are several lure coursing clubs, each with its own way of running and judging a meeting. There are of course similarities, crossovers and differences with them all.


UKSS will run competitions in the same manner as FCI.


The course length should be between 400 and 700 metres for Whippets, Italian Greyhounds and Cirneco dell’Etna and 500 to 1000 metres for all other breeds. This means a course that is run by all breeds will be 500 to 700 meters long.


A course for all breeds needs to be suitable for all, with longer distances between pulleys and wider turns as recommended for larger breeds.


All breeds run separately. There are classes for each sex, however if there are less than 6 dogs of one sex per breed, both sexes of that breed will compete together.


Although special classes may be scheduled for Puppy & Veteran at Open competitions, at Championships there are only standard classes and all entrants between min. & max age will compete together.


All dogs will run in pairs. In case of an uneven number of entries UKSS will try to find a companion dog, where possible, to avoid a solo run which must be a cleared dog of the same breed, not participating in the Lure Coursing competition. If this cannot be done, a dog may run solo.


The pairing of the dogs and order of the runs for the first heat will be done by drawing (lottery style). The order of the runs for the first heat will be announced in the Competition Catalogue. The draw is final and will not

be altered for any reason.


For the second round, pairs are determined according to first round scores, with the top 2 scoring running together, and the bottom 2 and so on. However Sighthounds which do not get at least 50% of the maximum score in the first round will be excluded from the second round. The running order for second round will be announced on a display board. Individuals may record the order of the runs in their catalogue.


One dog will run in a red, the other in a white jacket. Coloured collars instead of jackets are not allowed. Text, signs or other attributes that can be identified are not allowed on the jackets. If you need advice on where to obtain a suitable jacket,


Each dog is handslipped by its owner/handler. There is no Slipper. A starter stands behind the owners who will give a non-verbal sign (touching of the shoulders) and calls "GO" as the starting signal!


It is each competitor's responsibility to be at the start on time. Dogs must be in the waiting paddock 3 runs in advance, so 1 run is in the field, 2 runs in the waiting paddock. For example: If run number 31 is in the field, the dogs from runs 32 and 33 must be present at the waiting paddock. 


All dogs must be in correctly fitting jacket and muzzle. Again, if anyone needs advice on wear to obtain a muzzle


There are 2-3 judges for UKSS competitions, each scoring the dogs out of 100, giving a maximum score of 200-300 per run. Dogs are judged on 5 criterion: Agility, Speed, Endurance, Follow & Enthusiasm, a maximum of 20 is given for each. For more detail on judging, please read the guide.


After the second round, the scores of both runs are added together to determin the winning dogs.


In case two or more participants get an equal result (taking into consideration the

points earned in the two runs), the dog having obtained the higher number of points during the second run will get the better placing. However, if the result is still equal, the dog having obtained the higher number of points in the second run in the following sequence of importance: Agility, then Speed, then Endurance, then Follow, then Enthusiasm will get the better placing.


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